I got some new teeth this week.
Kinda odd the whole process of it all.
The picture you see above is what the dentist grinded my teeth down to in order to make room for veneers.
Please don't judge and think I got veneers because I'm vain and because it's cool and Hollywood like. The truth is I have always had terrible teeth that 2 dentists have spent years bonding and capping and fixing and finally there was just nothing left to do but replace them.
So replace them I did.
It's very odd I must say. I longer have a space between my teeth at all. Anyone that has known me knows that from childhood up until after Evan and I got married, I had a huge space between my two front teeth. And then I had it filled in to a small space as an adult. But now there is no space. Kinda miss it, but mostly love my new smile.
They are pretty darn white which is kinda scary. You'll see below that they almost glow! But I'm getting used to that too. And to think I got the darkest shade they had!

And another little change I made recently was that I cleaned my closet out completely.
I no longer have clothes in there that don't fit. They all went to Goodwill.
And my closet is pretty bare since I am having a hard time spending the money it will take to completely revamp my wardrobe. So yes, you will see me in a lot of the same outfits over and over again until I can build my stash back up.
But I'm not complaining, I'm thankful to have my new healthy self to dress.
So that is it for now- New teeth and not many clothes!
And I thought age 33 would be boring!


Ta Da!

Here's the dress picture.

I'm not wild about it and I don't think it does true justice to pride I feel for being able to wear this dress.

But it was taken with an iphone and it was late at night and it was after a long work day.

But still- here I am in a size 6 dress from 1997.

And that is good enough for me!


Time to Check in

I've been away from this here blog for a while now.
No excuses really except that life is happening and it's moving quickly.
But I did want to update myself and the blog world on one small little awesome nugget of goodness.
I know, I know. Probably not that great to most people.
But a big deal to me.
I always figured that if I ever lost the weight, I would just gain it back.
But nope. I'm bigger than that (pun intended).
I am still my now comfortable size 6.
And the other night I put on an evening gown that I wore when Evan and I were dating. And it looked great I must say. So good that I secretly wish we had somewhere to go where I could wear it.
And I also wish I had taken a picture. But since I am too lazy to right now, here is a challenge for anyone who might still read one of my blog posts.
If you will leave me a comment asking to see the dress, I will make syslef post a picture.
But you have to want to see it! I need motivation. And I need to know I'm still loved in the blog world.


Time to Dine

Here it is- the new and improved Dining Room.

Minus any decor- we are working on that part.

But I wanted to show the completed molding work below the chair rail and the new paint color.


It's basically a charcoal gray. Or "Seal" as the Martha Stewart line of paint at Home Depot calls it.

It's perfect. Nice and dark, but not black like the kitchen.

Next up, refinishing the chandalier, recovering the chairs and decorating the walls.

All with ideas found on Pinterest.


Battle Wounds

Seems I have a little issue with moles.

Not big ugly hairy ones (of which I have none).

It seems the kind that cause problems on me are the little ones.

The one's I pay no attention to.

So much to my surprise at my yearly dermatology visit, I had 3 little moles scraped off.

It sounds worse than it is. They actually numb the area and you don't feel a thing.

1 was taken off because I hated it. It was right at my neck line on my back and I was constantly scratching it with necklaces and things. It was just a nuisance.

The other two came off because the dr. thought they looked odd.

I thought they looked like someone put a dot on me with a Sharpie.

And again, they were tiny.

So I was even more surprised when I got a call a week later that both of the little ones came back on the mild end of precancerous.

And the sweet lady on the phone said to come in, they would dig the area out around them, stitch me up and sent me on my way.

Fair enough. An not a big deal since I have had 2 moles "dug out" in the past.

So off to my appointment I went.

And then came the options. What options? I didn't know I had options!

As it turns out, the woman on the phone didn't inform me that I could choose the cut open and suture route or I could go with the "scooping" method of removal.

Here's the part that got me frustrated.

I simply asked the doctor, "What would you do?", to which he replied that it was personal preference. If he cut me open, he would only do one at a time and I'd be back in two weeks for suture removal and to get the 2nd one removed. But I had to make the decision and he left the room.

If I got them scooped, I could get them both the same day, but have gunshot wound-like places that have to be monitored closely and kept packed full of ointment. Gross.

So I wanted the sutures. And the stinkin' nurse talked me into scooping so I could get them done both that day. I probably should have gone with my instinct.

And so the doctor comes back, scoops the moles and tells me to take good care of them.

To which I said, "SO which way would you have done it if it were you?"

To which he replied, "I would have gotten the sutures if it were my body. The other way is a pain to take care of!"

And then began my utter dislike for my dermatologist.

Argh. I knew I was right.

But now I have two gunshot wounds that Evan is responsible for tending to.

Oh well, I guess you live and learn.


A Project of Course

Several months ago, I was inspired by a project I read on a blog called Finding My Feet.

The lady who writes this blog is a true go-getter and tackles projects head on.
Plus, she painted part of her kitchen black which I love since I too have black walls in my kitchen! (PS- I would paint all kinds of walls black if Evan would let me.)

But anyway, back to the project.

Raechel from Finding My Feet put Picture Frame molding around the eating area in her kitchen and I just loved it. Plus, she made it look pretty easy. So with a little convincing (of Evan), we were off to Home Depot for molding.

Now let me start by saying that we made a few mistakes that you can learn from.

Here they are:

1. Get a nail gun! Rent one or borrow one. The whole process would be so much easier.

2. Don't go to Georgia Tech and then try this project. The angles and measurements are enough to drive out type crazy! But let me just say- our angles and cuts are pretty spot on.

3. And maybe drink a glass of wine or a beer before starting. Because this can get intense otherwise.

Here is some good moves we made:

1. A level. Have to have at all times and a laser level helps as well if you have one.
2. A good saw with an Engineer for a husband. We did not have a single mis-cut!

3. Patience. Rushing this project will cause flaws and it is just too pretty to not be perfect.

So here is the reveal. And we are not done. Only the bottom of one wall is complete as we have been super busy lately. But I have to say- I LOVE IT!

Thank you Raechel who I have never met or talked to or corresponded with for being the inspiration.

And thank you Evan for agreeing to let me lead you into another project that requires you putting up with my crazy ideas.

Learned this from a blog I can't find again, but using painter's tape helps you get all of the pieces into place before making them permanent. It also gives you a nice visual before you commit to nailing to molding to the wall for real.

This is the beginnings of the one wall that is finished.

The longest wall in the dining room. Post nailing the molding to the wall.

Primer phase. We had some rather dark gold paint in there to cover up. Plus I think it is just a good idea to prime any wall.

And the finished product. Or at least the bottom half. I have no idea what color will end up on the top half of the wall. Orange, gray, blue. Who knows? And yes, black has been rejected.


Questions lead to bone chills

Our daughter Haley is now 11. That in itself scares me as I know pretty soon we will have a teenager on our hands. And I fear teenagers. Because I was the worst kind of teenager.
But I know she will be just fine. It's everyone else's kids around her that scare me.

So anyway, we were driving down the road talking about something when Haley asked us what a P.A. was. Well, it's a Physicians Assistant. Someone who has been trained like a doctor but is generally more available for illnesses like the common cold or sinus infections. And if you are more sick than just a little cold, they know to hand you off to a doctor.
That's what we told her.
And then I turned to Evan and said that one of the thoughts I have regularly is wondering what would be different if he had seen a P.A. on the day that his cancer was found "by accident".
Let me first say that I think P.A.s are more than capable of finding all kinds of illnesses. And I am a fan of P.A.s in general.
But in Evan's story, his cancer was discovered because a doctor had missed a diagnosis in his Residency and has been paranoid his entire career about people's necks. So the story took this man being in the right place at the right time for Evan's cancer to be found.
Do you believe in God yet?
Because God put that man there. That Doctor. Not the P.A. or other doctor that Evan normally would have seen. That doctor. The one that was paranoid about necks.

So back to the story where we are talking to Haley. After I blurted out to Evan about how that day could have gone differently if he had seen a different doctor or P.A., Haley heard us talking and said, "So that doctor saved your life?".
Que spine chills.
She truly understood what went on with her dad's health.
She too was a part of the story.
The then 9 and 10 year old girl that watched a Jesus story unfold in the form of cancer in her daddy's body.
And my desire for her is that she will learn the story so well that she will share it with those she encounters in her life. And she will tell them about that doctor but also the Great Physician that saved her dad.
I don't worry about her believing in Jesus anymore. She has seen Him work.
How cool is that?


Sock it to ya

The Peachtree Road Race. An event I had no business being a part of. Except for maybe sitting on the side of the course, atop a cooler, eating a doughnut.
But no. I decided I needed to be one of the cool kids.
And you know what? I finished it damn it.
The whole 6.2 miles. I did it.
I walked most of the way. But I walked like a champ.
And I did it in style. Striped socks and all.
And at the finish I got to see my baby girl and the man of my dreams who finished 17 minutes ahead of me.
But they were there waiting. Because they knew I could do it.
Yep- I can do anything. Because I am motivated by a desire to be the best I can be for my family.
Once I was weak, but now I am strong.
The sky is the limit. Who knows what I might try next!


We have been on a much needed vacation.
This is the first full length vacation we have been on where it was just the four of us. And I have to say that is has been really refreshing.
Evan and I both resolved that we would completely forget about work and enjoy our week as care free as possible. We managed to do just that and it has been so nice.
I fear the days after we get back as I know they will be very busy. But I think the break was worth it.
A few highlights from our week were:
1. We actually slept in every day and so did our kids. Big deal as we needed the rest.
2. Britton learned to swim! And now I can actually sit back and enjoy the sun without being paranoid about him drowning. He's actually like a little fish and beat his sister by about 5 years as a swimmer since we just convinced her she had to be able to swim to go to middle school. True story.
3. Both kids will get in the ocean now and enjoy it. Before it was like a form of torture for them. Now they are wave jumping hulligans.
4. Dinner at 4:00 every day is kinda nice. And its a must in Panama City if you don't want to wait 2 hours.
5. I love vacation. I'm already planning our next one. Its like an addiction for me.


Just Some Stuff

We have been so busy lately I have not managed to blog at all lately.
Not even sure we have done anything that amounts to much, but I feel like we have been running around like crazy lately.
I thought Summer was a time for relaxation and unwinding, but it seems like we are in full force right now.
What have we been up to? In case you care, here's a little recap and some clues and answers to some of my previous posts.
1. I had a health issue that truly scared me. As I've posted about so much in the past, I am a gastrointestinal nightmare. So in and amongst all of the testing that my doctors were doing to find a way to get me better, they did an CT Scan and found a spot on my liver. Just what I needed right? A spotty liver. And for 3-4 weeks I got more tests scheduled and sat around and waited for what the spot might be.
As it turns out, it's a cyst. That's good news I guess. Except it does seems to be causing symptoms. So the plan right now is to watch the cyst and try and control the symptoms with medication. Seems to be working ok with the exception of the right side pain I have all the time. Oh how I wish I had a relative in the medical industry. I would totally bug the crap out of them until they solved my pain issue. But since I don't I guess I'll just be as I am.
2. I surprised Evan with a weekend trip to Disney World for his 35th birthday. The entire trip was supposed to be a true surprise. Like Evan shows up at the airport to price a "job" and I surprise him with his suitcase and plane ticket. That all unravelled quickly the day before when it was determined that he had pushed some work off from earlier in the week until Friday, the day he was supposed to be gone. So I basically had to call him and tell him on the phone that he was not going to be at work the next day, he was goignt o Disney World. Not exactly as I had dreamed it all out, but it worked. And we had a blast. Just the two of us. Running around an amusement park like little kids. Although each night when we got back to our room, we could tell we were getting older. My legs hurt for days after that!

What else? We are planning a vacation, speaking at a retreat, working like crazy and keeping up with two kids. Sounds like a lot but man are we blessed.
Now off to do some yard work that I've neglected!


Waiting rooms

I am pretty much over hospitals, doctor's offices and labs.
I'm writing this post from a waiting room. A place I feel like I have been one too many times.
I have to have one more scan in hopes of figuring out what the heck is wrong with me.
This one is a little more scary than all of the others, but I don't mind.
As long as I know something after it's over. Well I mean, I'll know something in a week.
And for all of these people sitting around me in this room, I hope that they all know the love of Jesus and they put their trust in Him.
I'm not sure how I would get through times like this without my faith.


Ballerina Girl

If I could have fabricated a plan for the perfect child, I imagine that child would be the spitting image of our daughter Haley.

It's hard as her mom to convey how wonderful she is, as it might be considered bragging or boastful. But honestly, I just adore her with all of my heart.

Her spirit is just so beautiful. She truly loves everyone and everything.

Most importantly, she holds a strong faith in God and uses that as a foundation for the rest of her life.

She happens to be quite beautiful in my opinion, but her true beauty runs deep into her soul.

Haley is smart, imaginative, witty and has a contagious personality. She can quickly make friends with people both old and young, and she has a natural motherly disposition that makes her love toddlers and babies.

Did I mention she also loves sports like golf and kickball, but can dance ballet with a grace like no other?

There is nothing I don't just love about my sweet girl.

And I see her growing up so fast right before my eyes. But unlike most her age, I see her growing in her faith and in her heart more than I see her being selfish and self-centered.

My hope and prayer for Haley is that she will always be reminded of how beautiful her heart is and that she will use it to make a difference in this world that needs people like her.

I envision her as a missionary. I simply think she will always be a servant of others. Whether that is in the mission field or in a classroom or in corporate America is up to her. But I feel certain she will lead and she will make a difference.

It's strange now to think back to the time when I was so scared of having a little girl. What would I do with a girl? As it turns out, I haven't had to work that hard, as God gave me a sweet little image of himself to share my life with.


One final Milestone

Last night I completed the six weeks of maintenance with Weight Watchers and became a lifetime member! Basically that means I don't have to pay anymore to go to meetings as long as I stay within my goal range.
I am super excited to be at this stage as not many people carry it through to the end, so it's a part big deal.
Part of my reaching lifetime meant that I had to do a little talk during our meeting about what this whole journey has meant to me.
That was tough. I teared up a few times as the emotion of the last few years was brought full circle. Standing in front of our group and explaining that I am who I am today because of trials like my husband's cancer and my own poor health was hard. But as I lloked around the room at people I have gotten to know pretty well, I realized that everyone needs to hear that success can come from adversity.
I imagine most people attending something like a Weight Watchers meeting want to hear that they are not alone. That one day their story might matter to someone else. And that is exactly what I told them.
SO I'm finished. I've said my WW testimony and I'm rockin' a healthier, trimmer body.
And it is my hope that like all of the other stories I've shared with people in hopes of being an inspiration, I will continue to share my weight loss story with those that want to hear it.
Did I mention I've been asked to apply for a job with Weight Watchers?? Oh dear!


May oh My

I'm not real thrilled with the month of May right now.
I won't go into details, but man am I worn out from all of the drama that has been going on.
A little bit of Grey's Anatomy with a sprinkling of The Apprentice and a dab of Days of Our Lives.
Hopefully things will wing down just like the above stated TV shows are coming to their respective season finales.
Here's hoping the summer gets here sooner than later!



This picture looks ridiculous I know.

It was taken on a Thursday night when I was worn out and just not really in the mood for a photo.

But the true purpose of the picture is so that I can keep a record of how far I have come in my weight loss journey. I have to keep reminding myself of the new me and how much I want to remain in my current shape.

44 pounds smaller. 12 inches gone from my waist.

A size 6 or 8 depending on the brand- not a size 16 like I once was!

The shorts in the picture above I wore all the time last summer.

Not anymore! This summer I will enjoy being half that size.

And I will enjoy being active and feeling good as well, since that is really what it is all about.



I totally understand why Michael Jackson had a doctor who he regularly had come in to his home and put him under.
I mean who would not love to be able to be completely unaware of life for a few hours every now and again.
Precisely how I felt today for the better part of forty five minutes.
One minute I was going on and on to this really great nurse Bernadette about how I was married to the greatest man alive. And the next minute I was out. Gone. All the while having a long probe stuck up my butt.
Ain't life grand?
Is it not just the coolest thing ever that we can literally be removed from our bodies and our lives and have medical procedures that should cause all kinds of pain? And we don't know or feel a thing. I think it's a medical marvel.
But I do have to wonder about some of the stories those nurses must hear right as they push the button to inject the sleepy drug.
The last thing I remember today, aside from my rant about Evan being the greatest husband ever, was when the nurse commented on how she loved my dimples and she always wanted dimples. Who knows what I said after that.
But I imagine that nurse probably tweets or blogs under a pseudoname. And she probably has some really great stories she shares with the general public.
Just as long as she doesn't share anything about my backside, we are good!

Just another Tuesday

It's 9:07 in the morning on a Tuesday and I am at home.
No work today as I have spent the last 16 hours preparing for a series of GI tests.
I haven't eaten a morsel since Sunday night at 6:00.
Needless to say I'm a little edgy and a lot hungry.
But I have had the pleasure of consuming 64 oz. of Gatorade, 4 Dulcolax and a bottle of Miralax.
In case you are ever in the need for a good time, just try that combination.
It's guaranteed to make you move like you've never moved before!

A little after noon today I will be checked in to the hospital, sedated and violated all in the hopes of finding out why I live in digestive misery.
Not sure how I feel about all of this.
Obviously I would love to know if something is wrong so it can be fixed. But there will always be the part of me that fears the results.
Is there really an issue that I haven't known about and will find out about today?
Or will I be filed away in the drawer full of patients who get lumped into the IBS category?
Trust me, I know my bowels are irritable! No need for that diagnosis.

But I digress. Ultimately, I just want to feel good again. Is that too much to ask for?
So as always, I covet your prayers today. One simple prayer please- a clear answer as to why I have been so sick.
And I promise after that, you don't have to hear about my insides anymore!


When I Grow Up

My life has changed in so many ways the last few years.
There are obvious changes- my weight and my very blonde hair color. I have a new job.
And most of you know that I have changed as a human being because of my growing love for Christ and my family through the trials cancer brought our way.
But the not so obvious changes that have happened in my life really are starting to reek havoc on what I know as normal.

As it turns out, all of the changing and growing I have done lately has basically created a new me. Someone who has new priorities, new goals and new dreams.
All of this I did not realize until my life forced me to make choices. And the choices I have made as of late do not necessarily line up with the person I have grown to be. The person that wants to help others. The one that wants to be the best wife and mother possible.
So now I am in a really weird place. A place that is uncomfortable. A place where I feel lost.
Doesn't sound so good huh?
I've never felt this way. Never been so uncertain about myself.
Someone who is confident by nature is now floundering about.
And I find myself turning to God for answers and I think I'm getting clear direction.
But the realities of that direction have consequences for which I fear.
And in all of this I only know a few things are certain.
God loves me.
My family loves me.
And I want to love people and do good in this world.
So with those certainties, I pray for clarity and for peace for my life.
Peace I felt so sure of back in February when cancer left our lives, but a peace that eludes me now as I try and figure out who I am.


Just call me Strawberry Shortcake

On Easter Sunday, we headed over to my parent's house for dinner and the annual egg hunt.
My parents live on a large piece of land. Much of it is wooded and they have planted every plant known to man.
So it was not unusual to me when I came across a strawberry patch my mom had planted over by my dad's garage. And if you know me, I love a good strawberry. So I couldn't wait to eat a few of them as soon as I spotted them.
They were very small, but already red. Perfect for eating. I ate 4 and went on about my business.
About an hour later, we all hunted eggs and we were sitting around my parents on the front porch talking. I mentioned to my mom that I thought it was a neat idea she had planted strawberries and that I had found some already red ones and eaten them.
Much to my surprise (and her's) she informed me she didn't know what strawberries I was talking about. I told her that they were the one's she had so neatly put over by the garage.
Apparently, she didn't put them there.
Nature did. Wild strawberries. Or they might not even be strawberries actually. Since when I broke one open to show them they didn't look like strawberries.
If you google wild strawberries, it says they are edible.
But I do seem to be a little itchy and my stomach seems to be a little unsettled.
That might just be the quantity of food I consumed today.
But it is my hope that you, the reader of this blog, will not have the pleasure of telling all your friends about the girl you know who died from eating wild strawberries.
Just sayin'.


Exploding ankles

In my last post I shared all about my recent digestive health issues.
In this post, I will tell you about how my doctor almost killed me trying to fix said issues.
She gave me 2 antibiotics. Two very strong antibiotics.
And they basically killed every good bacteira in my body.
And it seems as though I am also allergic to at least one of them.
So where do I stand?
My ankles and hands and face and midsection are swollen. Think stay-puff-marshmallow-man.
I'm itching to death and my guts hurt worse.
So on the recommendation of the pharmacist since I couldn't get the doctor after hours, I have abandoned all medicines.
And of course I now have to go for an appointment to come up with another plan of attack.
But I guess I'm just thankful I have a doctor and insurance and the luxury of having healthcare.
And I feel certain I will know at some point what my problem is.
Right now it's all just a pain in the butt- literally.


Over Sharing

I've been a little ill.
By ill I mean physically ill, not mentally like some of you might assume.
I have gut rot.
Yep-gut rot.
That's what I call it when my insides turn on me.
And for those of you that don't know, mine turned on me 2.5 years ago and started with my gall bladder. Now it is all encompassing. My entire GI tract hates me.
And soon I will be completing a series of tests to find out what the heck is happening in there.
And for those of you who know anything about tests and the GI tract, you know that these will not be fun tests. You know, flashlight up the butt type tests.
And did I mention I've already collected poop in special containers for analysis?
I know you are envious!
So maybe say a prayer or two for me over the next few weeks.
And in the meantime, I'll go take my 2 antibiotics, acid medicine, anti-nausea medicine and some Imodium.


8 bags of sugar later

I did it.

I've lost 40 lbs. The equivalence of 8 bags of sugar. Or a large bag of cat food. Or a 4 year old.

I am so very excited to finally be a nice weight. A healthy weight. A weight that allows me to find cute clothes in my size.

It has been painful at times sticking to my diet. But not nearly as painful as it was having high blood pressure, migraines, breathing heavy and being super unhealthy.

It has all been worth it. The eating of salads, skipping desserts and staying away from the ice cream place. And the crazy thing is, I've totally gotten used to my new eating ways and really I'm not missing out on much. In fact, I can't physically eat like I used to. Which is a good thing.

I'm also embracing the fact that I am moving around so much better with 40 lbs less to carry around. I am truly a new me.

So now to the hard part- maintenance. I know I can do it. It's different this time. I want to keep it off. I have to keep it off. And I will.

Thanks for your encouragement throughout this process. It's only with the kind words of others that I have made this happen.


Thanks for the Love and I have less butt

As it turns out, I still have readers! Thanks to every one for showing me some love on the blog yesterday. I appreciate knowing that if I write a little post someone will give it a read. And with that I'll tell you about my weight loss lately. I haven't done an update in a while on weight, but I'm proud to announce that I have a little more than a pound left until I am at my goal. 1 little pound. And the problem is I am pretty happy where I am. So the little bit of extra effort I need to put in to get the last pound off is lacking. I'm just happy where I am. Thrilled with the new me. Especially since I thought I would never get the weight off and I have. It's hard for me to accept. The smaller me. Because I was successful at something. And I don't like to give myself credit. But I sure am happy with the new me. The one who's butt is not nearly as big as it used to be. I know that because a woman at church told me so. Funny the things that come out of people's mouths. Especially at church.


Umm wow

I am fully immersed in a start up business right now. You know, making sure people have health insurance, making sure people getting paid. Learning new software, helping get an office put together. It is pretty overwhelming but also pretty challenging and awesome too. I know pretty soon that things will settle down and it will be business as usual. Right now it's just a little chaotic. And with that I have very little time to blog. But I wonder if anyone even reads my stuff any more. It's not as good as it used to be I know. And certainly not as frequent. But do you read it? If you still do, tell me. I'd really like to know. Because I want to blog. but I don't want to write to a phantom audience. So show me some love or not. And in the mean time, what have you been doing lately?


Extreme Makeover Playroom Edition

We are almost finished with our kid's playroom makeover. Literally I thought it would never get done.

We are super busy and barely have time to clean much less makeover a room.

But this weekend was an unusual weekend in that we had nothing but T-ball planned.

So we did the responsible thing and used this time to complete the project and to also give our house a good cleaning. Time well spent I must say.

As of yesterday, the only thing missing in the playroom is a TV. This is a hard purchase for us to make. Here's why- our kids are spoiled. Yep, rotten. And we have done that to them. And they expect nice things. So when the conversation came up about getting them a "nice" TV for the playroom, they were giddy. Giddy with greed that I don't like. But here's the deal:

We can't use the TV that is currently in there because we purchased a really awesome storage unit thing that is too narrow for a big ole tube TV to sit on. Thus, our only feasible option is a flat screen.

We have found some good deals on flat screens around town, but the committing to the purchase part of we the parents is hard. Should we really spend $200+ on a new TV for our kids after we just spent a butt load on redoing the room?

I don't know that answer.

I do know that I am contemplating a no TV time in our house where the kids can go into the awesome new room and simply play like kids are supposed to play. And depending on how much griping and complaining happens, maybe eventually we will buy the TV as a gift.

The gift part of the TV is simple since their birthdays are a month apart and in the summer. I'm thinking we tell them that as a joint birthday gift, they can have a small TV.

I don't know, is that the solution? I'm don't claim to be great at this parenting thing.

But I do admit to making them the kids they are today. The one's that expect nice things. I won't say I am totally wrong in doing so. And I think I have two really great kids.

But I do wish they understood a little more that life is not as easy as it seems. That money does not just show up.

And all of this is to say that we have our playroom almost done. Just not completely. So here it is:

Here is a not quality picture of the paint color. It's called Cement Gray by Martha Stewart. I'm not a big gray fan, but this I can live with.

And as you can see, we added a futon type couch to the room. Our kids are always sitting on the floor and we thought it would be nice to have somewhere for them to sit and relax. And it folds down into a bed so if we have to have a place for someone to sleep, here it is. Not to mention it will be great for sleepovers.

Here is Haley testing out the sleeping function.

If you look above the couch, you will see the inspirational artwork.

It's a map of the US made out of license plates. Hard to see here I know.

But the long term idea is to hang a series of license plates around this picture.

The picture itself is just a little small, but we are searching for the plates to go with it.

And why license plates you ask? Because Haley loves to play the game in the car where you find tags on cars from other states. And she has become fascinated with tags from all over the US, so the art seemed perfect. And it's gender neutral which is very hard to find. And since we have a boy and a girl, we needed something appropriate. tada.

And this is the storage unit we purchased at Target in hopes of keeping all of the toys and stuff neat and organized. We'll see how that goes, but so far I am loving it.

The low portion in the middle is where said TV will reside when it gets purchased.

And finally, here's the hottie that spent his entire Saturday with me making this room happen.

I can't wait to show you the finished finished product. When all of the parts come together.



I haven't been around much lately I know.
I've spent the last few weeks adjusting to my new job.
It's been good, but fairly taxing so there isn't much left of me when I get home, so blogging has dropped a little on the priority list.
I'm sure as soon as I get comfortable with my new gig I'll gain back some time, so be patient.
As for now, I'll leave you with two things I learned today:
1. You can in fact make a grown man cry if you share a Jesus story with him, and
2. There are people in this world that spend way too much time trying to make those around them miserable. And I love that kind of person. Because I will in fact make sure they fail.


I can see the finish line

In the midst of a new job and a hectic week, I managed to lose a significant amount of weight this week. I imagine I lost most of it because if some crazy stomach issue I'm having. The one that makes me not want to eat anything. Not sure why I have this issue. But trust me when I say I've googled "loss of appetite" and nothing good comes up.
Really I think I should just google "has a digestive tract that hates me" and follow the directions where it tells me to go to the GI doctor and have them tell me I should just live with it.
Anyway, back to the weight loss: -2.4 lbs. this week. That puts my total loss at 36.8 lbs! That is a mere 3.2 lbs. from my goal of 40 lbs!
I am super excited about being so close to a goal that I never thought I would attain. But I've almost done it, and I am finally happy with my new appearance. I'm starting to see a smaller me. I'm starting to appreciate the fruit of my labors.
Really, it all seems like a dream. Because I didn't believe I could do it and I almost have.


Irons in the Fire

Because I don't have enough stuff already going on in my life, I thought I'd start a little project.
Actually, I was totally inspired by my blogging friend Keight and her daughter's nursery redo project. She's a real go-getter and I dream but hardly ever act as quickly as I should. So thanks Keight for being the wind beneath my wings (you know- like Bette Midler).
For years now, I have stared at a pea green mess that is my kids playroom. It's not terrible, it's just bright and chipper and a little too baby-like for my kids at this point. Plus it has a border of frogs and flowers that pretty much makes me want to gag.

But I've never wanted to do anything with the playroom since I don't spend a whole lot of time in there and it doesn't bother my kids. But after being up there recently and trying to purge the mounds of old toys, I decided it was time to give the room a complete overhaul.

I spent a few hours last week looking for inspiration to no avail.
And I reported back to the hubby that I couldn't come up with anything that I didn't hate.
At which point Haley reminded both of us about a piece of artwork she saw at Target.
My kinda kid- a cheap decorator.

The art is simple. Slightly trendy and not at all childish. But also not unreasonable for a 5 and 10 year old. So we went with that.
I'm not going to show the piece until the great unveil which very well may be 10 years from now.
But it's a project that has begun.
And here's a peek at where it all started-


To answer your questions

I will be vague in this post, but feel free to let me know if you want to know more about my new future in person. I would love to talk about it with anyone as I am so excited about it.

I have accepted a new job starting tomorrow. It's a really great job. The kind of job I've always wanted. And it's with a really great company and also happens to be in the construction industry where I have longed to return to.
The timing of this change was dictated by God above. It came at a time when we had clear answers about Evan's health and we finally had true peace about our future as a family.
It has all truly been a gift from God.

So there won't be any more posts about work on here of course as I will keep that part of my life out of the blogging public. But I will leave you with the knowledge that this opportunity is a super good thing and I am over-the-moon excited.

And from now on you'll have to endure my posts about kids and sewing and trying to cook and stuff.



My only thought for today is that I hope I can always be a source of encouragement for others.
I have found that in the few weeks leading up to my new job there are many people I am surrounded by that don't really care to encourage me.
In fact, they want to point out all of my mistakes and the issues with my change.
And of course there are those that have smothered me with love.
For those of you in the second group- thank you and it is greatly appreciated.
For those of you in the first group- you might not agree with my decision to pursue a career, but I don't ask you to agree. I just ask that if you don't, you stop reminding me of that.
I'm pretty much like a rebellious teenager at this point. I will succeed in spite of your desire for me not to.
I have a wicked drive about me and you're only fueling my fire.
And plus, don't forget Phillipians 4:13, my verse to live by.
I feel certain the prayers I have sent up to God have not gone unheard about my decision to take on this new job. And I can do it because I've already asked for help.
So wish me luck. Or better yet, say a quick prayer for me and also don't forget to thank God for allowing me to live out a dream.


So close

Much to my surprise and delight, I lost a nice amount of weight this past week.
1.6 pounds to be exact- bringing my total loss to 33.6 pounds in 24 weeks.
Not so bad! I have been a little impatient and discouraged at times, but every time I put on a smaller sized piece of clothing my motivation quickly returns.
I have just loved being a healthier size! And let's face it, they make much cuter clothes in smaller sizes.
Speaking of which, I am going to have to buy a whole new wardrobe! For the last few months, I have walked around sporting a few items bought out of desperation and several items that are just too big.
But I can't anymore- I'm starting a new job next week and the sloppy, barely put together, flip flop and jeans wearing Lori will have to retire. Brooks Brothers and Anne Taylor here I come!
Part of that excites me- the thought of new clothes. Part of it frightens me- mostly the cost of new clothes and the idea that I have to get up and make myself look decent every day.
But I'm really looking forward to what the future has in store.


Just call me Grace please

On Sunday, I took a little tumble. This is my calf on my right leg.
Please disregard the lack of tan and the chubbiness.
Pay more attention to the full leg bruise that is starting to make an appearance.
The result of landing on a large rock as I fell down a hill.
Actually I can't believe I didn't break a bone. Just broke my pride.
But luckily there was only one witness and she is not ruthless like most of my friends.


Like Spiderman

According to Spiderman, "with great power comes great responsibility".
According to Luke 12:48 in the Bible, "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked."
I quote both of these to say that I have been given much.
And with much I am commanded to do much.
This week I was offered an incredible opportunity.
An opportunity that will allow me to grow as a person, but will also allow me to do great things.
Both in the business world and in the lives of others.
I accept the responsibility that lies ahead and I savor the idea that I will be entrusted to be a good steward.
I know there will be times when I will be taxed and tired.
And I know others will have to sacrifice to watch me live out this opportunity.
But I feel certain that in the end it will be all for the glory of God.


To Serve is to Love

Today my family had an opportunity to help some friends with a little yard work.
They had a year's worth of leaves to rake and we had 6 able adults to make the job easier.
About half way through the raking, I said out loud that I wish we had taken a before picture of the yard so that we could compare it to when we got done.
But the reason why I didn't take the before picture was because I was convinced we wouldn't be able to make that big of a difference. I figured we would not be able to conquer the task we had on front of us.
But I was wrong!
In less than 2.5 hours, 6 adults raked and bagged a pretty large yard that was completely covered with leaves. And the greater part of the story is that we had a blast doing it. We laughed and talked and enjoyed each others company. All the while making a difference for our friends by making the burden of a leaf covered yard disappear. And even greater was that our children went and played with their children and watched as the adults completed a big task all out of love.
Can I just say that my heart was completely filled up today? I loved and was able to love with simple service. Simply giving of a little time and a little energy.
And in return I strengthened friendships and was able to help make a small difference.
I am so thankful that I have been given the physical ability to not only take care of my families needs, but I can also have plenty left over to help my other family- my friends.
Thank you God for bestowing in my heart a need to serve.
And may I always have my eyes wide open to the many ways I can help others.



I have had so much going on this week that blogging has managed to take a back seat.
But I do have a few minutes to update the blogging world on a few goings on.

My dad had angioplasty as planned and his doctor said he just has to take better care of himself. I just hope he decides to follow his doctor's orders.

I weighed in on Thursday night and lost another 1.2 lbs, putting my total loss at 32 lbs. Only 8 more pounds to go! And I was able to wear a size 8 dress the other day and felt so good doing it!
Evan made lifetime with Weight Watchers after maintaining for 6 weeks. Basically, he's all done.
Super proud of him.

Evan got the results from his MRI about his back and he has a ruptured disc. It actually blew itself completely out. He will be given a few epidurals in hopes that he can get some pain relief and his back will heal itself. If not, it's off to surgery. He is slowly regaining feeling in his foot which is a good sign that his back is adjusting off of the nerve. Let's hope it keeps improving!

And we have had some unexpected stuff going on this week that I can't go into, but know that our life is always full of adventure. The awesome part is that no matter how adventurous, we can always count on God to get us through.


Umm Surprise!

I'm not going to say I hate surprises, because some of them can be really great.
Like the awesome Valentine's Day present I was totally surprised with last night.
Beautiful earrings that I'm not worthy of wearing. Such a thoughtful and sweet gift.
The kind of surprise I love.

But then there was the surprise elementary progress report at 7:00 this morning where our overachieving perfect student daughter decided to take the plunge into B and C territory.
Surprise MOM and DAD- I'm not sure I get this whole 5th grade thing!
The part of her super smart brain that thought withholding her progress report until the morning made a bad decision. Because oops, mom is not a morning person.
So won't life be fun around our house the rest of the school year?? Absolutely.
There's a new sheriff in town. You can call me Mrs. Bryant- 5th grade teacher.

And then of course there is that really great phone call I received from my brother explaining that my dad was having a "procedure" on Friday and he didn't want me to know because he didn't want to worry me. Turns out that procedure involves his heart. Just his heart. The part of his body that keeps him alive. Oh no big deal right? Surprise!

And I've had approximately 10 other surprises thrown my way in the past 2-3 weeks. So much so that I actually called Evan to see if there is anything he needs to tell me. You know- Do you have a girlfriend? Are you really a woman? The usual questions. You'll be glad to know he has nothing to report. To use his words, he said at this point he is pretty "vanilla". Thank God.
Because I'm fairly certain I would believe anything I was told at this point.
I'm not surprised by anything as the idea of surprising me got a little muddled when everyone decided to do it all at once.

So if you have something to tell me- go ahead I guess. But if my head explodes in front of you, don't be surprised.


It is well

I am totally and completely overwhelmed.
We are rejoicing with good news. Good health. Restored health.
I can not contain my emotion. I can not hide my feelings.
Tears are but a moment away. For we have peace. And certainty.
And although there are things in our lives that remain unanswered or unknown, we will move forward and live again.
We will give glory to God. We will give of ourselves. We will share our story.
We will love.
It is well with my soul. It is well with Evan's soul.
And with that we move on.
We will use every ounce of our beings to glorify God.


Eat (Nope), Pray (Yes), Love (Absolutely)

As the wife of a man who has had cancer, I try and keep my emotions in check so that I don't get too excited too quickly.
But Evan got a little gold star today at Emory. A little glimpse of what it might be like if this cancer stuff has gone away.
Today he met with his Endocrinologist who just so happened to have lab results from blood tests yesterday. And Evan's cancer marker was at zero. For those of you who haven't spent hours reading about cancer, a cancer marker at zero is incredible. The interpretation of this test is that thyroid cancer is not present in Evan's body.
Umm yeah, that thrills me beyond measure. I am elated!
But that one blood test is the first test in a series of four tests that will determine the true state of his health. So the part of us that should be dancing on the tables tonight will remain calm and still until all 4 tests are done.
Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the biggest day. The PET scan. Pretty much if there is a tiny little cell of anything bad in Evan's body, Emory should be able to see it tomorrow. And the hope is that the results will be prepared by Friday when we are going back to Emory for Evan's radioactive iodine scan.
And Thursday is an MRI that actually has nothing to do with cancer and everything to do with Evan's back, nerve and numbness issues.
So you have your work cut out for you in the prayer department:
Clean PET scan on Wednesday (please, please, please)
Zero cancer markers on stimulated blood tests (also Wednesday)
MRI on Thursday with clear answers to back and nerve issues
Clean radioctive thyroid scan on Friday

And then we will eat cake.



I weighed in this morning and I am so excited to final have reached the 30 lb. mark!

Somehow I managed to pull of losing 2.2 lbs. this week, bringing my total loss to 30.8 lbs.
That really made my day.

And 30.8 lost means I have 9.2 lbs left- less than 10 lbs! It sounds so nice to say finally.

And I know that many people say that the last 10 lbs are so the hardest, but I am ready.

And the outfit I am wearing in the picture above was my birthday gift from my sweet kids. They thought I might like some gym clothes that fit my new size. It was such a sweet gift. Mainly because they have let me know that they are proud of me.

Major Pain

Since January 2nd or so, Evan has been in terrible pain.
It's not fun for him and it's not fun to watch.
He has something in his back and nerves that have caused him to be immobile at times and now he has the added bonus of a numb foot and major leg pain.
Physical therapy does not help. Medication does little.
All of that on top of a week full of cancer scans and appointments coming up this next week.
And his back can't be dealt with until he is cleared by his oncologist.
Our hope is that after his PET scan and thyroid scan this week, the doctor will clear him for an MRI to find the exact cause of his back issues.
If we have ever needed prayers, we need them now.
We need to get this all over with. Especially the pain for Evan.


A Feeding of Frenzy

Three generations serving the kids at GTCCF (Me, Haley and Mom)
For my birthday this year, all I wanted to do was something rewarding.
And at the top of my rewarding list is Georgia Tech Christian Campus Fellowship.
For years they rewarded me with love, free food and even a husband.
So it was my turn to give back.
Evan and I decided to sponsor and cook a Feeding Frenzy for GTCCF.
And I wanted to make Taco Salad in honor of my favorite kind of food- Mexican.
Yikes! That's a lot of food to prepare!
But Evan's mom, my mom and Haley spent all day yesterday in our church's kitchen helping me cook. We prepared 35 pounds of taco beef and 10 pounds of chicken. And 6 gigantic cans of nacho cheese. We of course had all of the side items as well- chips, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, jalapenos and such.
Evan's dad came over from work to help us serve and I'm thankful he was there!
We served tons of kids and many of them had seconds!
It seems as though taco salad was a good choice- they seemed to love it.
And we loved being there.
It's hard to believe I have been out 10 years and Evan 12. And what's even harder to believe is that Haley could be there in 8 years!
So Happy Birthday to me- a day of spending time with family and sharing food and love with some great college kids.
It was perfect.


Re: Enough Already

Every morning I listen to mindless morning radio on my way to work.
I don't listen to the Jesus station. I listen to a station that has a morning show where they spend the entire time talking about what amounts to nothing.
I like that because I don't really want to think about anything in the morning. I am not and will never be a morning person.
But the other morning a lady called in about a host of bad things that had happened to her family over the last few years and I was struck by something she said.
I can't quote her exactly but basically she said that you always hear that God will never give you more than you can handle and she was wondering if maybe she should send a memo to God reminding him of all they had been through as family. She wanted to maybe convince him that they had had enough to handle.
And while I share a lot of stuff on my blog, I also keep a lot of stuff private just because it is the right thing to do. But I will tell you that yesterday, my 33rd birthday, I was at the point where I have had enough. It will never make sense to anyone else as most of my struggles have built up for months and years. But yep, I was done. I am tired. I broke down.
And there are 364 days a year when it is not my birthday and somehow my point of being done had to fall on the one day when I should be able to celebrate me being me.
And I'm not telling you all of this for pity or so you will feel my pain.
I'm telling you this so that I can now tell you that I got through and I get through every day because I have people in my life that care about me no matter what.
My mother in law and my children spent hours yesterday baking a cookie cake for me from scratch. The kids decorated the house with streamers and signs celebrating me. The gifts from Evan, the kids and my in-laws were thoughtful and meaningful. Everything was done out of love for me. Which is what I needed most, to feel loved.
So I will not argue with the Bible or with God about when I feel like enough is enough. I only hope that one day I will have the faith to stop questioning the life I've been given.
For the life I've been given includes a support staff of people who will always help me through.



I learned a lesson from my brother today. It's simple, just like him.
He said this,"I try to do better tomorrow than I did today."
What a great way to think.
From a man that operates a piece of heavy equipment and grades land and digs ditches for a living.
He is rich because he knows Jesus.


Downhill swing

I finally feel like I might have gotten over my weight loss plateau.
Just maybe. I managed to lose 2.8 lbs this week, putting me at 28.6 lbs total lost.
My goal is 40 lbs, so I am almost 3/4 of the way there!
I'm pretty excited about the new me.
I like the way I feel carrying around less weight and I'm starting to appreciate being a smaller size.
I still have that part of me that feels my efforts are just not good enough, but I think that is part of being a female. I'm just a little hard on myself.

So with that, I keep going. My current goal is to be complete done with my weight loss by Tax Day, April 15th. Not sure why it ended up being that day, but it works!


Future Missionary

Evan and I have the honor of serving on our church's Missions Board.
Tonight we had an amazing meeting filled with great joy and a clear future about the missionaries that our church supports.
But what happened after the meeting will forever leave an impression on my life.
My sweet Haley asked me to tell her some of the names of the people our church supports that are missionaries.
I named a few and then I decided just to hand her the paperwork from our meeting and let her see all of the names.
She started down the list and said, "Mr.Nathan and Mrs.Erin, Jonathan and Heather, Pete and Abby, Mr.Rick...."
My child knew about 75% of the names on that list and most of them she has met personally.
She has eaten dinner with these families. She has played with their children. She has seen their ministries first hand.
And I would bet you that one day, her name might very well be on that list.
Our family is blessed to know so many great people sharing Jesus around the world.


Someone Believes in Me

It took me years to get a Blackberry and now I get emails on demand.
I thought it was a good thing, but sometimes I think it's difficult to truly take in the words of a good email when you are riding in the car or standing in the kitchen or shopping at Target.
The other day I got an email from one of my heroes.
A short and simple email that I read quickly in the car.
It was a request.
A request for me to mentor a younger woman.
And my response was immediate- ABSOLUTELY!
Then I had the HOLY CRAP thought a few hours later when I looked at the email again and realized that someone was wanting me to share my life with a stranger. Someone thought I was worthy of sitting with and sharing with and growing with this girl.
I was floored.
I then happened to look down at my tattooed foot.
And 2 thoughts came to mind:
I wonder if she ever thought her mentor would have tattoos?
And I wonder if she will mind me starting my story by telling her about the scripture I have on my foot- the one that happens to be in the form of a tattoo.
Instantly I felt good about meeting my new friend.
The fear I had after realizing I made a huge commitment in a seconds time faded and the assurance that I was someone good to talk to, worthy of being a mentor took over.
I am ready to share 32 years of experience with confidence.
I am ready to share my story.


Chemistry Lesson

Iodine- Element #53 on the periodic table.
Essential for human life.
Our enemy for the next 2 weeks.

It has come that time again when Evan's diet cannot include Iodine. None. Zero.
The first couple of times he was on an Iodine free diet, we had a list of forbidden foods and acceptable foods given to us by an endocrinologist. This time, we have a list from Emory.
Needless to say, the new list is a lot more restrictive.
Crazy restrictive.

No worries though, we can handle it.
Because in the end, after the scan and tests are complete, we are hoping for an official all clear.
So if eating vegetables with a side of vegetables means he could get a clean scan, then bring on the veggies!

And your prayers are certainly appreciated leading up to the week of Feb. 5-9 when we will spend many hours up at Emory getting Evan poked and prodded.
Thanks for sharing in our adventure back to health!


Stud Muffin

He's down 51 pounds.
And he's super hot.
I like to call him "scrawny". Something I don't think he thought he would ever be called.
I'm super proud of him. I know you're tired of hearing about it.
But I have the right to be proud.
What man with no thyroid loses 51 pounds?
My man does! And for that, he gets several posts on my blog dedicated to him.


Win or Lose

This morning I was sitting in the kitchen as the kids ate breakfast being my usual crappy morning self.
I mentioned to Evan that I wanted to quit my weight loss journey and be done. I am tired of trying with little recent success.
And then my blonde headed little booger of a 5 year old looks up from his waffle and says,"Only losers quit Mommy". Then he went back to his waffle.
And then I was reminded about why I am supposed to be losing weight- for my health. So that I will be around for those kids when they are teenagers and really start calling me a loser.



To date I have lost 26 lbs.
And I have been that way for about a month now.
Let's go ahead and call it a plateau.
Or how about a flippin' plateau.
I'm not happy about it.
But it's my fault right?
I mean who tries to lose weight during the holidays and during a trip to Disney World?
Shouldn't I just be happy that I managed to maintain my weight loss?
Yes I should.
But I'm ready to be done with this little challenge.
I'm ready to move on to bigger and better goals.
But having 14 more pounds to lose is killing me!
So much so that I even told the lady behind the counter at the "meat and three" restaurant I ate at today. And I told the lady at the sandwich shop yesterday. Heck, I've told everyone!!
And the response I get..
"You do not, you look just fine the way you are." or "You'll be too skinny if you lose 14 more pounds."
Well nice people, as much as I would like to believe you my trusty Weight Watchers book tells me differently and I'm not even in the healthy range yet!
I'm 10 lbs. from healthy range!
And I've got to do it.
I've got to get the final weight off.
I just have to figure out how.
I know how. Less eating out and more exercise. Duh.
I've just got to do it.
Easier said than done. But easy stuff is for sissies. Bring it on.


The Difference a Year Makes

These pictures are about one year apart.
The one on the top was post surgery January 19th, 2010.
At that point we had no idea Evan had cancer.
We just knew they removed a really big mass and his thyroid from his neck.
The one on the rbottom was taken today, January 18th, 2011.
Not only can you not even tell he had a major surgery, but we are pretty certain that his body has beaten this stuff.
No scar and hopefully no cancer ever again.
It's amazing the difference a year can make.
Physical healing. Emotional healing.
Renewed body and spirit.


On Disappointment

I haven't blogged much lately for fear of disappointment.
I don't like to put something out there that is half ass just for the sake of having something.
In fact, I don't believe in half assed work.
Not at all.
I believe in nothing but your best.
And it has really caught up with me lately when it comes to my relationship with others.
It seems like I find myself being disappointed by others more and more.
I keep telling myself that not everyone is like me.
Not everyone has the abilities or energy that I do.
Frankly, not everyone had the drive instilled in them that I did.
But there is always the part of me that wants to be mad and get angry at others simply because I'm disappointed.
Here's the real problem I think- I'm just not willing to let others be disappointed in me.
So I give my everything. I will completely drain myself only to figure out that I could have done less and gotten by. And ultimately my impact isn't really that far reaching.
The only person it seems it matters to is me.
So what do I do?
Do I sit back and do less? Focus on my family and screw the needs of others?
Do I stop hosting the parties and get togethers? Someone else can do it right?
Do I stop giving of myself, my time and my resources and start actually doing more for my household?
I can't.
Because there would be one disappointed Savior upstairs who gave His all to save me and to give me all I need. And who better to mimic but Jesus himself.
I will continue to do and give until it hurts.
And more and more I've realized that to reach my true potential, I'll have to make some changes in my life. Where I'm at right now doesn't make sense with the plan I feel God has in store for me.
But I have to consider all that is best for my family.
Together we will have to prayerfully consider what God has in store.
Until then, I'll just keep kickin' butt with what I have.
It's what I do.


Track Star(s)

See that S up there?
One of us has been inspired.
I can walk like a mad woman on the treadmill, but I've decided I'd like to learn to run.
Not necessarily long distances.
I just want to be able to run and not feel like I might die.

There are a million plans that one can follow, but I am going to employ what has worked great for Evan. A walk/run plan.
I have a small issue right now because our treadmill died.
But as soon as I can get to Sears and buy a new one I will. Hopefully this week if the weather cooperates.

And at that point I want to train for a 5k. A simple 5k. But more than just finishing, I want to run more than I walk during said 5k.
And before I set anymore goals, I want to be done with the first one.

And I'm hoping that weighing 26 pounds less than I did this time 4 months ago will make my goal a little easier to obtain. We'll see. Wish me luck- I think I'm crazy! But I'm crazy because I was inspired.



At 3:30 am the morning of the race, Evan could not reach down to tie his shoes. He has been battling sciatica for a few weeks now and is back and legs are is terrible pain. But you would not have known it by his performance at the Half Marathon.
He did so awesome. His goal was to finish in less than 2:30 and he crossed the line at 2:22. A little less than an 11 mile pace for 13.1 miles.
The most amazing part- he looked great at the finish line. Like it was something he was meant to do. Something that has become second nature. I can't tell you enough how proud I am of him for pushing through the pain and doing his best. He truly has taken what God has given him over the last year and made the best of it.
And hopefully I'll have a few more posts about our trip overall. It was a blast, but like usual, it was an adventure!


The excitement is building

Evan and Lori:
2010 wasn't the best year for you.
I mean there was the cancer and all.
But now everything is looking pretty awesome for 2011.
So what are you going to do?

One of us might be a little more excited than the other (that would be me).
Because I don't have to run 13.1 miles in the middle of my vacation.
But man I can't wait to see Evan cross that finish line.

I'm so freaking proud of him anyway for just being him.
But running a half marathon one year after having your thyroid removed and being treated for cancer?
That's pretty darn amazing to me.
So off we go- the four of us, Chad and Bee, me and Evan.
We will act like kids and ride all the rides.
And we will cheer Evan on to the finish.
I'm beyond excited!


One of my favorite purchases from Christmas.
I like to call them Shit Kickers.
It's been a while since I've had a pair of boots.
Mainly because I think big girls look kinda funny in cowboy boots.
But being 25 lbs. lighter, I'm ok with wearin' boots now.
And I love these because they don't have some crazy long pointed toe.
Nice and rugged. Nothing fancy.
Just like me.