We have been on a much needed vacation.
This is the first full length vacation we have been on where it was just the four of us. And I have to say that is has been really refreshing.
Evan and I both resolved that we would completely forget about work and enjoy our week as care free as possible. We managed to do just that and it has been so nice.
I fear the days after we get back as I know they will be very busy. But I think the break was worth it.
A few highlights from our week were:
1. We actually slept in every day and so did our kids. Big deal as we needed the rest.
2. Britton learned to swim! And now I can actually sit back and enjoy the sun without being paranoid about him drowning. He's actually like a little fish and beat his sister by about 5 years as a swimmer since we just convinced her she had to be able to swim to go to middle school. True story.
3. Both kids will get in the ocean now and enjoy it. Before it was like a form of torture for them. Now they are wave jumping hulligans.
4. Dinner at 4:00 every day is kinda nice. And its a must in Panama City if you don't want to wait 2 hours.
5. I love vacation. I'm already planning our next one. Its like an addiction for me.


Just Some Stuff

We have been so busy lately I have not managed to blog at all lately.
Not even sure we have done anything that amounts to much, but I feel like we have been running around like crazy lately.
I thought Summer was a time for relaxation and unwinding, but it seems like we are in full force right now.
What have we been up to? In case you care, here's a little recap and some clues and answers to some of my previous posts.
1. I had a health issue that truly scared me. As I've posted about so much in the past, I am a gastrointestinal nightmare. So in and amongst all of the testing that my doctors were doing to find a way to get me better, they did an CT Scan and found a spot on my liver. Just what I needed right? A spotty liver. And for 3-4 weeks I got more tests scheduled and sat around and waited for what the spot might be.
As it turns out, it's a cyst. That's good news I guess. Except it does seems to be causing symptoms. So the plan right now is to watch the cyst and try and control the symptoms with medication. Seems to be working ok with the exception of the right side pain I have all the time. Oh how I wish I had a relative in the medical industry. I would totally bug the crap out of them until they solved my pain issue. But since I don't I guess I'll just be as I am.
2. I surprised Evan with a weekend trip to Disney World for his 35th birthday. The entire trip was supposed to be a true surprise. Like Evan shows up at the airport to price a "job" and I surprise him with his suitcase and plane ticket. That all unravelled quickly the day before when it was determined that he had pushed some work off from earlier in the week until Friday, the day he was supposed to be gone. So I basically had to call him and tell him on the phone that he was not going to be at work the next day, he was goignt o Disney World. Not exactly as I had dreamed it all out, but it worked. And we had a blast. Just the two of us. Running around an amusement park like little kids. Although each night when we got back to our room, we could tell we were getting older. My legs hurt for days after that!

What else? We are planning a vacation, speaking at a retreat, working like crazy and keeping up with two kids. Sounds like a lot but man are we blessed.
Now off to do some yard work that I've neglected!