Ta Da!

Here's the dress picture.

I'm not wild about it and I don't think it does true justice to pride I feel for being able to wear this dress.

But it was taken with an iphone and it was late at night and it was after a long work day.

But still- here I am in a size 6 dress from 1997.

And that is good enough for me!


Time to Check in

I've been away from this here blog for a while now.
No excuses really except that life is happening and it's moving quickly.
But I did want to update myself and the blog world on one small little awesome nugget of goodness.
I know, I know. Probably not that great to most people.
But a big deal to me.
I always figured that if I ever lost the weight, I would just gain it back.
But nope. I'm bigger than that (pun intended).
I am still my now comfortable size 6.
And the other night I put on an evening gown that I wore when Evan and I were dating. And it looked great I must say. So good that I secretly wish we had somewhere to go where I could wear it.
And I also wish I had taken a picture. But since I am too lazy to right now, here is a challenge for anyone who might still read one of my blog posts.
If you will leave me a comment asking to see the dress, I will make syslef post a picture.
But you have to want to see it! I need motivation. And I need to know I'm still loved in the blog world.