Time to Dine

Here it is- the new and improved Dining Room.

Minus any decor- we are working on that part.

But I wanted to show the completed molding work below the chair rail and the new paint color.


It's basically a charcoal gray. Or "Seal" as the Martha Stewart line of paint at Home Depot calls it.

It's perfect. Nice and dark, but not black like the kitchen.

Next up, refinishing the chandalier, recovering the chairs and decorating the walls.

All with ideas found on Pinterest.


Battle Wounds

Seems I have a little issue with moles.

Not big ugly hairy ones (of which I have none).

It seems the kind that cause problems on me are the little ones.

The one's I pay no attention to.

So much to my surprise at my yearly dermatology visit, I had 3 little moles scraped off.

It sounds worse than it is. They actually numb the area and you don't feel a thing.

1 was taken off because I hated it. It was right at my neck line on my back and I was constantly scratching it with necklaces and things. It was just a nuisance.

The other two came off because the dr. thought they looked odd.

I thought they looked like someone put a dot on me with a Sharpie.

And again, they were tiny.

So I was even more surprised when I got a call a week later that both of the little ones came back on the mild end of precancerous.

And the sweet lady on the phone said to come in, they would dig the area out around them, stitch me up and sent me on my way.

Fair enough. An not a big deal since I have had 2 moles "dug out" in the past.

So off to my appointment I went.

And then came the options. What options? I didn't know I had options!

As it turns out, the woman on the phone didn't inform me that I could choose the cut open and suture route or I could go with the "scooping" method of removal.

Here's the part that got me frustrated.

I simply asked the doctor, "What would you do?", to which he replied that it was personal preference. If he cut me open, he would only do one at a time and I'd be back in two weeks for suture removal and to get the 2nd one removed. But I had to make the decision and he left the room.

If I got them scooped, I could get them both the same day, but have gunshot wound-like places that have to be monitored closely and kept packed full of ointment. Gross.

So I wanted the sutures. And the stinkin' nurse talked me into scooping so I could get them done both that day. I probably should have gone with my instinct.

And so the doctor comes back, scoops the moles and tells me to take good care of them.

To which I said, "SO which way would you have done it if it were you?"

To which he replied, "I would have gotten the sutures if it were my body. The other way is a pain to take care of!"

And then began my utter dislike for my dermatologist.

Argh. I knew I was right.

But now I have two gunshot wounds that Evan is responsible for tending to.

Oh well, I guess you live and learn.


A Project of Course

Several months ago, I was inspired by a project I read on a blog called Finding My Feet.

The lady who writes this blog is a true go-getter and tackles projects head on.
Plus, she painted part of her kitchen black which I love since I too have black walls in my kitchen! (PS- I would paint all kinds of walls black if Evan would let me.)

But anyway, back to the project.

Raechel from Finding My Feet put Picture Frame molding around the eating area in her kitchen and I just loved it. Plus, she made it look pretty easy. So with a little convincing (of Evan), we were off to Home Depot for molding.

Now let me start by saying that we made a few mistakes that you can learn from.

Here they are:

1. Get a nail gun! Rent one or borrow one. The whole process would be so much easier.

2. Don't go to Georgia Tech and then try this project. The angles and measurements are enough to drive out type crazy! But let me just say- our angles and cuts are pretty spot on.

3. And maybe drink a glass of wine or a beer before starting. Because this can get intense otherwise.

Here is some good moves we made:

1. A level. Have to have at all times and a laser level helps as well if you have one.
2. A good saw with an Engineer for a husband. We did not have a single mis-cut!

3. Patience. Rushing this project will cause flaws and it is just too pretty to not be perfect.

So here is the reveal. And we are not done. Only the bottom of one wall is complete as we have been super busy lately. But I have to say- I LOVE IT!

Thank you Raechel who I have never met or talked to or corresponded with for being the inspiration.

And thank you Evan for agreeing to let me lead you into another project that requires you putting up with my crazy ideas.

Learned this from a blog I can't find again, but using painter's tape helps you get all of the pieces into place before making them permanent. It also gives you a nice visual before you commit to nailing to molding to the wall for real.

This is the beginnings of the one wall that is finished.

The longest wall in the dining room. Post nailing the molding to the wall.

Primer phase. We had some rather dark gold paint in there to cover up. Plus I think it is just a good idea to prime any wall.

And the finished product. Or at least the bottom half. I have no idea what color will end up on the top half of the wall. Orange, gray, blue. Who knows? And yes, black has been rejected.