A Feeding of Frenzy

Three generations serving the kids at GTCCF (Me, Haley and Mom)
For my birthday this year, all I wanted to do was something rewarding.
And at the top of my rewarding list is Georgia Tech Christian Campus Fellowship.
For years they rewarded me with love, free food and even a husband.
So it was my turn to give back.
Evan and I decided to sponsor and cook a Feeding Frenzy for GTCCF.
And I wanted to make Taco Salad in honor of my favorite kind of food- Mexican.
Yikes! That's a lot of food to prepare!
But Evan's mom, my mom and Haley spent all day yesterday in our church's kitchen helping me cook. We prepared 35 pounds of taco beef and 10 pounds of chicken. And 6 gigantic cans of nacho cheese. We of course had all of the side items as well- chips, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, jalapenos and such.
Evan's dad came over from work to help us serve and I'm thankful he was there!
We served tons of kids and many of them had seconds!
It seems as though taco salad was a good choice- they seemed to love it.
And we loved being there.
It's hard to believe I have been out 10 years and Evan 12. And what's even harder to believe is that Haley could be there in 8 years!
So Happy Birthday to me- a day of spending time with family and sharing food and love with some great college kids.
It was perfect.


  1. Love it and love that there is a photo of it! Taco salad would have been my choice too :) Y'all are awesome, girl!

  2. I am not surprised that you wanted to do this, but I love the fact that you both were able to get your parents in on it! What a loving act for your kids, and the kids at CCF, to witness. Lori, I don't know what's gotten into you, but you are unleashing the love of God is more places than I can count these days. You are such an inspiration! Evan, Haley, and Britton are so blessed to have you, and it seems like you aren't limiting your love and service to them. Amazing!