A Great Weekend

On Saturday afternoon, we traveled to Mountain City, GA (original home of the Zoellner family) to see my brother get married. It was a beautiful wedding full of love and joy. I am so happy for them, especially my brother who is just smitten with his new wife. They are two peas in a pod in my opinion and I wish then nothing but the best.
After the wedding, we went right up the road to Dillard, GA and stayed at The Dillard House. If you have not been to Dillard, it's a beautiful town up in North Georgia that is the last town on 441 before you get to Highlands, NC. And if you have not been to the Dillard House, you are missing a treat. It's the most wonderful restaurant for true Southern cooking that you could ever eat at. Here's a link to the menu. I have eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner there and they are all exceptional. My favorite is breakfast though. Nothing beats country ham and biscuits. And it's all served family style but you do not have to sit with strangers at your table like some Southern restaurants.

The lodging at the Dillard House ranges from "campy"(the older rooms and chalets) and elegant (the new rooms). You might want to spend a little more and get one of the new rooms as you will love the bedding and bathroom upgrades. Our beds were very cozy and the bathroom was huge. Four stars in my opinion and I'm very picky! I meant to get some pictures of our room, but I forgot!

The view from all of the rooms is beautiful.

And there is a barn and working stables on the property that all guests are welcome to enjoy. The are horses, cows, chickens and pigs. And they have some very interesting animals there too. My kids loved spending time looking at the llama, Himalayan cattle and the longhorn steer. And there were newborn baby goats that were a lot of fun to watch. We spent the better part of an hour just staring at the animals. And they all come right up to the fences and let you pet them if you want. It's a kids dream. And of course I loved it since I want to have a farm in my next life!

I highly recommend considering a trip to Dillard if you have a free weekend and want to get away, but not too far. It takes about two and a half hours to get there. But it's a nice drive and well worth the trip!

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