Welcome to Six Flags-Sharpsburg

At 2:01 yesterday, I found myself in the parking deck at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (I had to park in the deck there to walk to Evan's appointment at the oncologist). I remember saying twice yesterday that I had never been to Children's and I hope it's a place I never have to be. But then wait, I never in a million years imagined that I would find myself at the Winship Cancer Center at Emory University Hospital. Because I never in a million years imaged that the man I love more than life itself would be a patient at a cancer center. And I certainly never imagined that not only would he have cancer, but he would have cancer that makes even the smartest of oncologists wonder what they are looking at.
Going into the appointment yesterday at Winship, I was cruising right along on the roller coaster that this cancer battle has become. I would say that I was probably going up the giant hill at the beginning of the Scream Machine, the one that is supposed to give you all of the momentum you need to get through the rest of the ride. I imagine that it's me and Evan in the front seat, hands in the air, ready to go.
And then we went to the appointment. And I feel like our roller coaster car thing stalled out right before we got to the top of the hill. And we are being told that a rescue crew will be up in a little while to lead us down.
I know all that sounds crazy and depressing. Trust me I know. And trust me it is.
I am so hurt by the fact that I have to see Evan sit and explain that he is tired of the ride.
And no matter how hard I try, there is not alot I can say to ease the pain of what he goes through and that breaks my heart. I would take a million hours of physical pain to ease him of the emotion that goes along with having cancer. But I know that somehow we will get through all
of this and I know that this is a part of a bigger plan.

So enough with the roller coaster- where are we really with all of the medical stuff?
Here's a summary:
Evan had an ultrasound and some blood work done in the past week. The ultrasound needs to be signed off on by his Endocrinologist and forwarded to Emory. We're waiting on the blood work results.
The Emory Tumor Board is going to meet next Friday and Evan's case will be reviewed by them for recommendations regarding further treatment.
The recommendation from Dr. O (new oncologist) is surgery to remove the neck lymph nodes followed by radiation. He pretty much said that as long as blood work shows any thyroglobulin in Evan's system (which it does right now), cancer is present (not exactly what our first opinion doctor said).
So right now we are in a new phase of the waiting game. Waiting on the top of hill. Waiting on good news that our roller coaster car will be fixed soon or that we will have a rescue team to get us down soon.
A few prayer requests:
Physical healing for Evan
Emotional well-being for us both- this seems to be the hardest part so far
Clear direction for the Tumor Board next Friday

And in all of this- we give glory to God, the Great Physician.


  1. ((HUGS)) I am so sorry. Hoping you get some great results and encouraging news very, very soon. Thinking of you with love and prayers.

  2. Love you both so much. And still praying constantly.