Cleaning off the camera

Here are some pictures that I cleaned off of my camera today.
Each with there own story.

This picture was taken 4/22/2010. Yes, they are poinsettias. Yes, they are mostly found during Christmas time. But every year, I can't make myself throw them away after Christmas. So I keep them way too long. And them one by one, I put them to death in a trash bag. And the only reason I got rid of them was because I was tired of being asked why I had 6 poinsettias in my laundry room. Answer: because I treat plants like children.

This is the rose bush out in our back yard. I planted it the spring after we moved into our house. And every book and website about roses says to make sure and cut your rose bushes back so that they thrive. Well I have never cut this one back and it is just stunning. I so enjoy watching it bloom every year. It makes my heart smile. And the number of blooms it produces each year is unbelievable.

This is an orchid I have had for 3 years. I bought it in a clearance buggy at the Kroger. It was sad and needed a home. And I think it really likes it at our house. Every 6 months, like clock work, it blooms to most beautiful white flowers.

This is a picture of a collection of mixing glasses on the top of a hutch in my Mom's kitchen. She collects all things antique. I love to look around when I go home. I love to see all that she has found to add to her collections.
FYI- her house serves as a clear explanation for why I throw away everything. I'm afraid of having collections. Because I am afraid of clutter.
But my mom really does love it. And I'm ok with that.
This is our cat Abby. I took this picture on a day when our whole family was stressed out. I could tell she too felt like she had had enough. She was ready to be left alone to sleep and not be bothered. I love how she covers her eyes with her paws.
And finally, this is a picture of a road sign in the town that my dad's family is from: Mountain City, GA. Will Zoellner was my Great Grandfather. He passed away when I was 2, so I have no memories of him. But I do have alot of knowledge about him since a book was written about his life: Foxfire 5. I think many people enjoyed being friends with my G-grandfather. So much so that he has a road named in his honor. I think this is so neat.


  1. We have that same kind of rose bush in front of our house... I let it grow out of control for a few years, and finally got sick of it, so I dug it up and thought it was gone... The next year it came back even bigger than before! I took this pic of one of the blooms last year:


  2. Lori, My mom's family is from Clayton, GA and she was a student at Rabun Gap. She didn't board there, but went to school and lived at home with her family. I'll have to check out your g'grandfather's story...