Slowly but Surely

Weigh In #5
I had my lowest weight loss on record this week.
But I still lost 1.2 pounds. Not so bad.
It puts my overall weight loss at 9.4 lbs!
And that got me over my 5% Mark.
I was pretty happy even though I was hoping for a little more.
The fact that I have reduced my body weight by more than 5% is awesome I think.
And with 5% more, I should be able to get off of blood pressure medication.
That is my dream.

And my smokin' hot man did fabulous again this week. He was down another 1.4 pounds making his total weight loss 17.4 lbs!
He's getting close to being down right skinny!
But he's working out hard and I love seeing the muscles.

Together I think we are really enjoying our adventure in weight loss. There are times when it sucks not being able to just pig out. But most of the time we just view it as a challenge.
SO that makes it fun. Like a game.
How will I/we get through social settings without eating too much?
Mostly, we are able to do it because we are doing it together.
We are a team. And it's working out great.

Here's to next week- when I hope to be down 10 or more pounds!

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