In it to win it

We were both surprised at our weekly weigh-in this week.
I really thought I might have lose less than a pound or maintained.
But I actually lost 2.2 pounds! Bringing my total to 16.6 pounds.
I am beyond thrilled!
And Evan got a lecture from our leader about how he's losing way too much weight.
He has managed to shed 28 pounds in 8 weeks!!
And that goes against all of the Weight Watchers rules.
But I don't think they realize they have one determined man on their hands.
So, I'm thinking they should just tell him Good Job! That's what I'm doing.
And there you have it, this week's recap and 44.6 pounds less of the Bryants.


  1. great job guys. i am inspired!

  2. Way to go!!! And you even had my brownies; I should have left the rest :)

  3. forgot to tell you that I could seriously tell you'd lost! looking great!