PCB Bound

We leave for Panama City Beach on July 11th.

There is a good chance oil will have already hit the beaches there by that point.

But you know what, I don't care. We're going anyway.

Because the people of the Gulf Coast need my family to go on vacation there.

They need us to spend money at restaurants and stores.

They need us to support them in their quest to continue living and working on the beautiful beaches and water.

So we might not get to put our feet in the sand. We won't have ocean water in our eyes.

But my kids will see first hand how one irresponsible corporation can alter human history forever. And hopefully they will learn some valuable lessons from our stay there.

Lessons about praying for others and supporting others in times of need.

And in a worldly lesson, I want them to understand that BP has made a mess. And BP needs to take responsibility.

If we can help, I'd love to. But as of right now you can not volunteer unless you are an Emergency Responder. Kinda sad I think, considering there are thousands of people ready to help. But maybe somehow we can pitch in during our stay.

So where am I going with all of this?

1. Changing your reservations for vacation is your choice, but as for me and my family, we're headed to the Gulf.

2. God can fix oil leaks, I'm praying for His help for the situation. I think you should too.


  1. You go girl! If we had the funds we would be right behind you. We love the gulf beaches. Our favorite is Siesta Key down in Sarasota, but they are all awesome and it makes me sick to think about what those greedy sobs did to our gulf.

  2. Great post Lori. Saw Tiffany's link to it. Very thought provoking and I can't say I disagree. We currently have reservations with family the end of July - we've been talking about making different plans. Your post makes me think a little deeper about the situation and the implications of changing plans. Thanks!

    Duane - don't wish to start a debate here but I don't think the "greedy sobs" attitude is very fair. I'm not defending BP - obviously BP and Transocean have caused a huge disaster and should be held accountable. I just don't see greed as part of the conversation. After all, they are providing goods and services (oil/gas) that you and I use and gain great benefit from on a daily basis. Maybe we should be asking why we are forcing oil companies to drill at 5000ft+ when there is oil available in much shallower water - where a spill would be much easier to plug and have far fewer consequences. Just sayin'

  3. Hey Lori! PCB is still clean as of today! Thanks for encouraging people to still vacation. Florida still has sunny skies, warm weather and all the touristy things to do to keep you busy and having fun! We will not be around for the Alumni retreat. I'm very disappointed, but my cousin in getting married that weekend in GA. We will however be around in July, so I hope we can see y'all! My mom said Evan got a great report. Praise the Lord! See y'all soon! Brooke