The Little Things

I haven't felt like posting much lately.
I've had all kinds of crazy ailments, nothing at all serious.
Just enough to make me want to lay around in my free time.
So at some point, I'll come up with a good post.
As for now, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Our indoor tomato plant produced it's first tomato!
And it was yummy. Haley and I enjoyed it with a little salt and pepper.

Here is a picture of Britton and Evan on Father's Day. The kids gave their dad a hose.
It's what he wanted. But I'm not very good at picking out hoses, so we got the 150 foot one.
It's long enough to drag past our neighbors house. I think I might have picked the wrong size!
And finally, here are my nails. Yes, those are MY nails. They are not acrylic or anything.
Home grown. I have not bitten them in 8 weeks. And I love them.

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