So here's the official word

I feel like I'm making a press release, as I know there are many of you out there wanting to know what we learned today at Evan's appointment.
Let me say first that I ran this by Evan in hopes that he would have exactly what I needed to say prepared, but he didn't.
Because I think we are both still trying to process today's results.
Here's what we know:
Evan's blood tests look great- his cancer marker is at ZERO. It doesn't get any better than that.
The scan shows lymph nodes on the left side glowing a little. The same ones that have been there all along and they are the same size that they were before. So that's about the same.
Where the new news comes in is on the right side of his neck where a lymph node is showing up on ultrasound. It's a little big for comfort and we have never had any previous tests show the right side as having anything show up.
So because of this new lymph node, we were unable to get an all clear.
And instead, Evan will be scheduled for an appointment back at Emory with the ENT surgeon to decide what he wants to do.
We have no idea what he will want to do.
It could be wait and see or more treatment or something totally off our radar.
We have no idea.

So I ask a few things of you my audience:
Please pray that Evan's surgeon will have a clear plan of attack.
Pray his appointment will be sooner than later.
And on a more personal note, this is very disheartening and frustrating for us. So I just ask not only for your prayers, but for your understanding during this time.
I wanted more than anything to type out a totally different post today.
It's so hard to know that this chapter in our lives will continue.
But we will come out on the other side holding hands and glorifying God.


  1. happy for the good news, but i'm so sorry it's not what you guys (and we all)were hoping for. praying for you guys...and frustrated for you.

  2. Oy! Well, I'm glad the news was at least somewhat good... Still praying for you, and not only that things work out with the plan of attack, but for your sanity as you guys go through this. If you need anything I'm not all that far away and glad to help.

  3. Praise God for good news! But, I'm sorry it wasn't REALLY an all clear yet...we'll be praying hard for a quick appointment so that you can move on with a plan! Love y'all!

  4. As your friend above just said,"...sorry it wasn't REALLY an all clear yet." Ditto that, but I'm changing the emphasis from "really" to "YET". I'm praying for everything you asked for above, as well as a host of other things you didn't specifically ask for -- yours and Evan's patience and strength as you navigate the medical maze and waiting game, wisdom in your decision-making, feelings of security and certainty for your children, a sense of peace and calm as you give this one over to God.
    Love you my dear, old friend...

  5. Well, ok. Thank you for keeping us updated and letting us know how we can pray for you all. We love you and are here.

  6. We love y'all and will continue praying! Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are called according to his purpose. " I know we can't see the good right now, but you both love God, so this promise is for you and you can count on it!

  7. You guys are so incredibly strong! Hang in there, hold tight to each other, and God will carry you through. I will be praying that all of this can be put behind you once and for ALL!