Killin' It (Week #1)

Team Bryant lost a combined total of 19 lbs. this week for the three of us!!
Not bad I must say.
Of course we were helped by Evan and his awesome 10.6 pound loss.
I'm so proud of him for doing such a great job this first week.
And he also ran a 5K so he really is my hero right now.

I managed to lose 5 pounds myself. I'm sure a lot of it was water weight, but I'll take it.
And my not drinking Coke is making a big difference I think.
I'm pretty proud of myself, and I really want to keep it up. I now that I won't lose nearly 5 lbs. every week, but a pound here and a pound there and I'll be good to go!

A few things I learned this week that I want to keep a record of:
-16 weeks into this journey will be December 30th and 16 weeks on Weight Watchers is a big milestone, so I look forward to celebrating the end of the year healthier.
-If I can lose an average of 1 lb. a week, it should take me about 6 months to reach my goal- I think that is realistic, right?
-I have a pair of jeans that I am going to use as my measure of success. Hopefully I'll get a picture up here of me in them this week so that I can compare later. They are size 14s which is not the biggest size I have worn. And I'm embarrassed to even tell you that size, but I hope that it will help me keep myself motivated. Ultimately, I want to wear a size 8 comfortably.
-My wedding rings are getting loose on my hand- LOVE IT! I won't mind paying to have them sized if I have to, but I'm not going to until I'm done. So I will put them in the ole jewelry box when they are just too big and if I wanted them back, I'll have to keep it up!
-I'm having a problem with my bras fitting. (I know my men readers don't want to hear this)
Oh, and before Evan starts to panic, it has nothing to do with cup size, it's only length around me that is decreasing. Which is cause my bras to want to move around. A COMPLETE PAIN!!
So I might have to buy some new bras (yea for me!).
-Oh and the Fresco menu at Taco Bell is good.

There you have it, a week #1 recap. I'm really excited. Looking forward to being a smaller version of myself. And maybe I can talk Evan into the Cadillac?

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  1. Yay Lori! That is awesome. And I love the Fresco menu at Taco Bell!