Just call me Martha

As many of you know, we have friends that have an 8 year old daughter who had a cancerous tumor removed back in July. Needless to say, that is every parents nightmare. But our little friend is doing really well with her chemo right now, so we are thankful for that.
I am also thankful for her mom, my sweet friend Tami, who has taken what is an awful situation and made it into an opportunity for showing the love of Jesus.

Even through chemo treatments and a million doctors appointments, Tami has started a non-profit. She is now providing bright colored, cheerful hospital gowns to the children at Scottish Rite- Aflac Cancer Center through her group called Giggle Gown. She has recruited friends and family and the gowns are being hand made as quickly as they can be.

So now enter me- Rookie Sewer, but willing volunteer.

I started my first gown on Saturday afternoon about 1:00.
The hardest part of the project was remembering how to thread my machine!
Because my mom always just did it for me.
But I managed to get it threaded, the pattern all cut out and everything pinned together.

It took me a while since I had never actually put a sleeve on a garment before- remember I am a rookie.
But I think all in all, it turned out great!
I did have one mishap where I missed actually sewing the bias to the neck of the gown-Oops.

But I managed to totally fix that on my own and I finished the gown some time that evening.

It really didn't take that long to make. I took several breaks and watched some football.

But I finished and that's a HUGE accomplishment for me!

And the greatest part is, it's actually wearable!

I put it on to prove it.
And yes, I know what you're thinking.
Wow! That must be one big gown if Lori can wear it.
But I was specifically tasked with making a gown for a teenager.
Now that teenager might have to be a short teenager since I was about an inch short on fabric at the bottom.
But it's a teenager sized gown none the less.
And I am super proud of it. And I'm ready to make 2 more as soon as I get some notions I need from Hobby Lobby.
If you are interested in making a gown of your own to donate, please let me know!
I'd love to have friends join in the effort.
I think it's a really great cause, and it's pretty fun too.


  1. So proud of you! That is awesome. I would be glad to help, particularly if we can work on it together so you can help me. Remember I can't even iron! :)

  2. I love this pic of you sewing. It is nice how you look so focused and concentrated on that gown! Great job!