Or was it a dream

Have you ever had a dream so vivid that you are convinced it actually happened and you start conducting your life as if your dream changed everything?
It happened to me last night.
I dreamt that a relative of mine took $549 out of mine and Evan's bank account. By means of identity fraud.
And when I woke up this morning I was pissed.
And part of me has wanted to go online and check the bank account.
My mind has me convinced that my dream really happened.
An interesting twist to this story is that the person who took the money in my dream is currently not a part of my life.
By my choosing.
It is a relationship that had become so toxic that I bowed out. In order to protect my sanity.
So I wonder what this dream is trying to tell me?

PS- I still can't remember my pin number and I'm too embarrassed to call the bank and ask for a new one.

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