The Gift of Giving

For the last couple of years, we have participated in a program called Angel Ride.
It's pretty neat. Basically, you are matched up with a child or children and/or elderly people in need in your community during the holidays. You receive a list of items that your new friend might want for Christmas and you take those items to the Post Office. The mail carriers there deliver all of the items to the families of the children or to the nursing home.

The idea of making a child's Christmas brighter or an elderly person's day a little better just makes me so happy.
And it makes me so thankful for the fact that my kids are taken care of because we have jobs to provide for them. So why not try and take care of another child or person?

This year we had a woman in a nursing home in Newnan and a 12 year old boy in the DFACS system.
And my prayer for them is that they enjoy this season.
Not because of my gifts, but because Jesus was born and died for them.
So that one day they will not want for anything.

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