Die! Cancer Day #2

I am happy to update that every prayer said yesterday was totally answered and Thyrogen shot #1 was totally tolerated by Evan's body. And much to my surprise he said last night that he felt better than he had in days! PRAISE JESUS! I called him this morning just to make sure he still was ok and sure enough he was feelin' good. So happy I am- and I needed something to be happy about- another prayer answered.
And so we are t -1 days until radiation. Another shot today at 2:00 (pray that goes as well as yesterday) and then "the pill" tomorrow at 2:00. At that point- he will go into our bedroom and come out sometime next week when he gets the all clear. I will go ahead and tell you that I will be peeking in the door to see him. (If for some reason Dr. Wilson is reading this- sorry dude- I will take radiation exposure just to see my love.)
Did I mention I have ALOT to do to prepare for all of this? I'll make my list here for my own benefit and so that you too can experience the craziness right with me:
1. Move my clothes out into the gym closet. After all, I will need to be dressed ever day and since my closet is in the radiation zone, they have to be moved so I can get to them.
2. Move all of my bathroom stuff into the guest bathroom- as I probably should use shampoo and makeup next week.
3. Find Evan a chair to sit in so that he doesn't have to sit in bed all of the time.
4. Set up card table "seating area" so that he has a table to use.
5. Get mini-fridge in and stocked. (Don't worry Bee- Evan's parents got him one, so yours is safe!)
6. Buy a few last minute items to help him pass the time.
7. Get the cat packed and all of the forms filled out for her vacation at the vet.
And I have no idea what else I have forgotten. But it will all work out and it will be fine.
And I will miss him dearly, but I will remember that this is all for a reason- getting him HEALTHY- and that's all that is important right now.

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  1. I am sure you got it all done and perfectly. It's probably the best quarantine zone anyone's ever had. And he's going to do great and be healthy and then we will just be done with this stupid cancer stuff.