Day 3 of Killin' the Cancer

As I type this, I am laying on our couch, alone. I am very sad as I know that I am not the only one feeling alone. And that is the hard part. How can you miss someone so much who is in the next room? It is simply love that makes it hurt. but we will get through, because this and the radiation will make it all better in the end.
On a much happier note, Evan is tolerating the treatment very well. I am so happy about that as I don't want him to feel bad and be lonely. He said that so far the only thing he has noticed is a sore throat which is totally normal for RAI treatment. Great news and an answer to everyone's prayers.
Here are a few other things that happened today that were unexpected, some good, some not so good:
1. We got to talk to a really cool doctor who basically answered every question under the sun and even went back to the beginning of this journey and explained what other doctors have not. I'm not saying other doctors were wrong, I'm just saying this guy went above and beyond. very cool.
2. We found out that Evan had a $7,000 dollar series of shots! Yes, you read that correctly, 3 zeros! And there is a good chance that insurance won't cover it all. So that was a surprise, but basically I could care less about the cost of anything, because Evan is priceless in my opinion. I am however worried about the sanity of drug companies!
3. Our cat, Abby Cat Kitty Furskins Bryant has gone to the vet for the week to live. And today, as I was driving home from the hospital, the vet called to say that she needed dental work. WTF? Dental work for a 12 year old cat who has never been outside?? Yes. To the tune of $185! Good grief- a cleaning at our dentist is only $70! But they bullied me into agreeing to have the work done by telling me that she might DIE from bad hygiene. REALLY? Part of me wanted to tell them to tell her to rest in peace. And the other part of me remembered how that crazy cat was our first born, has been through everything with us, and loves Evan more than anyone else. So she got a reprieve, unlike my wallet!
4. Mary Lou Miller made us chicken soup, fresh lemon cookies, beer bread and cinnamon rolls. The woman is an angel. And I think she might have a better recipe for curing cancer than the doctors.
5. And all of the people that love us continue to amaze me. Calls, cards, food and prayers are flooding our doors and I am overwhelmed with love.

So tonight I am thankful, as today was a good day. And in a way I am glad I am sad. It reminds me that I would do anything for him- my love and my world.

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  1. So relieved that things are going well. But hate you being lonely. Call me if you want me to come over. Oh, Abby Cat. And God bless Mary Lou. She's the best. Love you.