How could you do it?

I had a thought today when I was cutting the grass. I was riding around on our super cool John Deere lawn tractor and something popped into my head.
I thought I would share my thought with my blog audience.

How could you possibly live life without Jesus?
And there is nothing deep about this question.
Because I don't have a deep bone in my body.
I just want to know how a person could get through every day life without the love and grace that Jesus provides.
And how could you live without knowing that every thing will be ok because God will take care of you?

Mainly I ask these questions because I don't understand why things are happening like they are to people around me and why somehow everyone involved has amazing peace about it all.

Myself included. i have amazing peace. I KNOW that I will be taken care of. I KNOW that Evan will be ok. I KNOW that our 8 year old friend Audrey will be healthy. Because God is with us.

It's that easy people. God is with us. And although we do not understand some of the crappy things that happen in the lives we live here on Earth, I am thankful we can all rejoice in knowing that ultimately we will be taken care of.

And I am so very inspired by our friend Randy, who in the wake of finding out his sweet daughter has cancer, was able to send a text that read "God is Good". Yes, he is Randy. And I pray to Him that Audrey will live a long life where she too can proclaim that Jesus is all we need.

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