I got some new teeth this week.
Kinda odd the whole process of it all.
The picture you see above is what the dentist grinded my teeth down to in order to make room for veneers.
Please don't judge and think I got veneers because I'm vain and because it's cool and Hollywood like. The truth is I have always had terrible teeth that 2 dentists have spent years bonding and capping and fixing and finally there was just nothing left to do but replace them.
So replace them I did.
It's very odd I must say. I longer have a space between my teeth at all. Anyone that has known me knows that from childhood up until after Evan and I got married, I had a huge space between my two front teeth. And then I had it filled in to a small space as an adult. But now there is no space. Kinda miss it, but mostly love my new smile.
They are pretty darn white which is kinda scary. You'll see below that they almost glow! But I'm getting used to that too. And to think I got the darkest shade they had!

And another little change I made recently was that I cleaned my closet out completely.
I no longer have clothes in there that don't fit. They all went to Goodwill.
And my closet is pretty bare since I am having a hard time spending the money it will take to completely revamp my wardrobe. So yes, you will see me in a lot of the same outfits over and over again until I can build my stash back up.
But I'm not complaining, I'm thankful to have my new healthy self to dress.
So that is it for now- New teeth and not many clothes!
And I thought age 33 would be boring!

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  1. that pic is tiny and not doing the grill justice but i can already see how awesome they look. man, the transformation is complete! having teeth you are really proud and KNOW (because of the bill, probably) of is such a confidence-booster, i am so glad you got the porcelain bling. i will be your modelling agent, now.